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What are the powerful secrets contained in this movie that have cost so many lives? If this movie is just a movie,, why try and stop the people from seeing it?

Highest Government



Documentary filmmaker Jude Kemper was kidnapped and has been missing for over two years! (This of course is a story that should have made every major news program in the world…yeah right. Ask yourself who controls the media?)

After filmmaker Jude Kemper disappeared, his friend Brandon Corey set out on a search for him and opened the door to a secret world.  A dangerous world populated by Satanists, powerful political leaders, and possibly, Aliens.

Truthseeker TV's investigation of Brandon Corey’s story took 2 years and spanned three continents.  Attempts were made to keep this story off of TV.  They were successful.

Attempts were made to destroy this footage taken inside Bohemian Grove, at the Lincoln Monument in Washington D.C., at Parliament in London, England, at Princess Diana’s “death site” inside the Point D’Alma tunnel in Paris, France and in the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.  But editors and assistants had the key pieces and Truthseeker TV was able to rebuild the documentary

Finally a movie that deals with The Illuminati head on !!!



This movie might just be that…a movie, a fiction!!! But it obviously portrays truths,…truths that some people don’t want us to see.
Here is some of what this feature length film portrays:

How Shape shifting works – in this movie you will see footage of a U.S. Secret Service agent “shifting” his form from a human into a Reptilian.

Our eyes have been opened, and an idea that we would have mocked in previous years has caused irrevocable changes in our lives, to TTV, and to our goal of providing the world with alternative programming for truthseekers.  Do your own research and come back to us.  The internet exposes a web of myth and fact surrounding this mystery.  What is the truth?

We can't help but draw parallels to ancient
myth and modern science:
Were these the creatures once called Dragons?
Is this the legendary biblical Serpent from Eden?
Is there a relation to "the Beast" or the Antichrist?
What is the connection to "Blue Blood" royal lines?
Are these aliens or demons?
Is 90% of our DNA really just "junk"?  That seems  unlikely.
How are secret societies involved with this threat?
Could we really be pawns in a galactic game?
Did Jude Kemper capture the first Shapeshift ever caught on camera?

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Some sites claim that there are connections between the "Greys" and the Reptoids, and that they are working together with the Government to subdue the Earth.  Others argue that there are several extraterrestrial factions warring for control of this planet's resources.  Others have speculated that these remnants of the dinosaurs are originally from earth, while we are the usurpers from another world.  Clearly, our research has only just begun.


“A well crafted, superbly done movie that portrays what is happening in your world today. Our power to stop this is knowledge – knowledge of what is going on behind the smoke and mirrors presented as “news” by the main stream media. This movie is a significant contribution to that knowledge and therefore to the power that can set us free.”
                   — David Icke

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a  conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."
-  J. Edgar Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover
Theodore Roosevel

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an INvisible  government owing NO allegiance and acknowledging NO responsibility to  the people." 
- Theodore Roosevelt, 1906