Our Mission Statement:

TruthSeeker TV isn't for the faint of heart. We won't sugar coat our fact finding missions. We are on the air for the people. The truth is our only advertiser. We will not stop until every human has the facts so as he or she can discern the true nature of the world for him or herself.

Episode 1: The Brandon Corey Story

What would you do if one of your closest friends disappeared? You'd do what?
Brandon Corey did: you'd go on a search. If Mr. Corey's story is to be believed, then he has unravelled one of the most deadly secrets ever. Is our governemnt run by a secret cabal of blood thirsty, non-human Satanists?

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These episodes coming soon:

Alien Implants

Are they real? Who has them? Is the government in on it? Join us, as we travel with the world's leading Alien Implant remover, and meet some very famous people who can prove that they are being tracked by extra-terrestrials.

Produced and Directed by Brian Kraft

September 11th

Many say the tragic events of 9/11 were allowed to happen. But why? Who knew? You might be very surprised to learn that our government has surpressed some "hot" information. Why? (This Episode is dedicated to the families who lost their loved ones on that terrible day.)

Produced and Directed by Brian Kraft

Are You An Alien?

You might be an Alien and not even know it. Dr. Troy Sharppe M.D., spends his days travelling the globe, scanning for AWM's (Aliens without memory.)

Produced and Directed by Brian Kraft

Who Shot JFK?

A tired subject? We think NOT! TruthSeeker TV has found new credible evidence that suggests that JFK was murdered by . . .
(Let's just say some very non-human entities are in the house!)

Produced and Directed by Brian Kraft

Sex Cults of California

Normal neighborhoods. Normal folks. A seemingly ordinary man with a seemingly ordinary life also happens to be a vivacious New Age Guru who is sleeping his way to "Paradise".

Produced and Directed by Brian Kraft

End Times

The Mayan Calendar ends at 2012. The Bible's book of Revelation is ringing true. Are we done for?

Produced and Directed by Brian Kraft


Real life ghost hunters have just been contracted by the Federal Government to exterminate dead people. And you'll never guess where some of them are living.

Produced and Directed by Brian Kraft

Project X6

The Greatest Conspiracy Theory Never Told. Wake Up America!!! Before it's too late.

Produced and Directed by Brian Kraft

Underground Bases

Non - Humans are definitely in the house and we are not afraid to go down there and show you.

Produced and Directed by Brian Kraft

Mind Control

You are not free, you just think you are. Our undercover cameras will bring you into the facility that manufactures the victims that carry out the establishments "dirty work".

Produced and Directed by Brian Kraft