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Use the power of the Web to spread the word online. Be the first to tell your friends about the hot new reality show that will blow the lid off the secrets that you aren�t supposed to know! Dan Sherman's account of his time working in the NSA on Preserve Destiny... a project deeply involved with alien contact

Alien Abductions: thousands of people around the world share a horrifying and surreal experience that has become known as alien abduction. Television, movies and popular culture reflect our fascination with the mysterious and unsettling facts that we are being watched, monitored and studied by creatures that are not of of this earth.

Aliens the Truth: your complete online resource location for anything from Area 51 to the paranormal

Alien Observer: UFOs, aliens, Area 51, Roswell, real ufo videos and photos, tons of ufo facts and alien text files! l award-winning UFOs Website with photographs and info on Roswell, Area 51, alien abductions, crop circles and conspiracy theories

: has UK government records from the 1940s to the present day relating to UFOs and alien contact, as well as an archive of UFO sightings, evidence and more! reporting from Roswell, New Mexico, how to stop alien abduction, UFOs & The Bible, 1947 Roswell UFO crash and more alien & UFO gallery art images by well known alien/UFO artist William McDonald -- based on real alien/UFO abduction cases and 12 years of research and access to over 200 + anomalous photos and growing

Are we the Aliens?: since the beginning of time man has questioned how, why and when he was created and come to form what we call the human race

Aztec UFO 2004 sponsored by Friends of the Aztec Public Library: the 7th Annual Aztec UFO Symposium - Unveiling the Truth, emceed by Dennis Balthaser, UFO investigator, researcher & lecturer, will feature the most innovative & diverse line-up of presenters--ever!

The Hickman Report - 2004- Are We Really Alone?: read the postings of this research specialist for MUFON's media operations
: were you abducted or seen a UFO? Report alien abduction and UFO sightings and hat live with other abductees

The James Files: I have decided to compile my pictures, notes, and drawings into one report in hopes that it may help make a difference in the search for the truth about flying saucers and government cover-up. I have photographed UFOs on three different occasions and have one or more witness on several of my sightings.

: Covering UFOs and paranormal news and investigations website about UFO activity in North Wales

The Project at Earth: the organization of Earth's 218 visiting worlds is working toward a diplomatic relationship with our world. Uncover the mysteries of contact, see what alien people are really like and learn about the natural bond between our races

Seekers of the Unknown: on the 13th of December 1973, French journalist Rael was contacted by a visitor from another planet, and asked to establish an embassy to welcome these people back to Earth space, UFO, aliens, pictures, doodles, links to seti, geneology, chats,and more

UFO and Paranormal Investigations by Frank Khoury, a full time investigator of UFO Sightings and alien abductions cases since 1997

UFO Area
: articles, galleries, images, videos, reports and books devoted to UFOs. Also has a big collection of ghost stories

UFO evidence
: a non profit museum and research organization (with a metal sample recovered from a UFO) located near branson, MO

UFO Folklore: with a twist, shaken, not stirred

UFO Info: a not-for-profit basis and provides impartial coverage of a wide range of UFO topics and information for researchers, enthusiasts and those new to the subject. Constantly updated, it is the Official home of the UFO ROUNDUP, AUFORN and UFO + PSI Magazine news bulletins

UFO Resource Center
: a great source for research on alien contact, UFO reports and the parapsychic connection between UFOs and the Bible

UFO Research (NSW): providing support to the Australian UFO community since 1991

UFO Watchtower: aliens UFO info; landing fun, gift shop, skywatching and more aims to to further the awareness of the UFO phenomenon; and to track the UFOs in Wisconsin's skies

UFOs Really Revealed: see sixteen video clips of UFOs from around the world recorded in broad daylight