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Abe's Tomb!
: games, jokes, horror stories and more

Alpha Dog Slow Motion Apocalypse: the original undead apocalypse real-time update journal A.K.A. escape and evasion tactics in an undead world [ # 1 K 9 ]

Archive X: one of the Web's oldest and largest collections of paranormal stories

Beastwatch UK :this site has been constructed to log sightings of rare and exotic animals within the UK, such as Raccoons, Wallabies, Wild Boar, Wolves etc, with a side window for the more unusual reports of our British Bigfoots and Werewolves etc. within our Crypto-Quest pages

Big Cat Monitors
: is an organization dedicated to proving the existence of wild big cats in the United Kingdom.Many people from all walks of life have witnessed large black and brown big cats roaming the British countryside

Brian's Drive-In Theater: featuring your favorite B movie actors and actresses from the 1920s through the 1980s

Cinema Nocturna is a webzine that covers just about everything in film that Hollywood has either forgotten about or would never touch! . a hilarious electronic comedy magazine with original topical humor, sports humor, political humor, advice, satire, parody and commentary

Creaturescape : the Figure Kit e-zine for the 21st Century!!

dedicated to scientific analysis of bipedal primate evidence, primarily that found in North America

Join The Crystal Skull Explorers Joshua & Desy Shapiro as they act as your guide into the world of the cystal skulls. Read about their new book or join their newsletter to learn the importance of crystal skulls

Dana C. Gravesen
: leftist media, cultural, and political studies

Darken Souls: the source to learn more about the unknown

Dark Vortex: the hindquarters of the Discordian Schism of the Holy Chao. Herein is revealed the Five Sacred Keys used to pierce the dark veil of the Evil Archons and obtain the Victory of Eternal Happiness..... They also have popcorn

David Allen Lewis: ministries that believe that we are living in the last days, however, we are opposed to all date setting schemes as relating to the return of our Lord. Emphasis on prophecy, prayer, and spiritual warfare.

Lady Sabrina's RealmDeb's Web Haven: check-out her top site, read her experiences with dreams, ghostly things, and psychic stuff

Echoes of Enoch
: a Christian ministry offering research information on the paranormal from a Biblical perspective. They provide alternative Christian counseling for Abductees, expell unwanted spiritual entities from homes, and provide sound Biblical answers to many mysteries and current events

: the Gnostic Friends Network encyclopedia of Gnostic myth & history

Exit 66: free ad space for horror books and magazines; contests, prizes, and free downloads!


Global Underwater Search Team: a leading edge in cryptozoology world wide

Goblinhaus: all things spook!

Graphology Center Of Iceland: truthseeker in graphology; reading one's character from the signature and handwriting. Check out telling handwriting analysis of famous people's writings

Greater Things: modern parables for the Lord's people; includes section on "free energy" technologies news and directory

The Haunted Playground: a forum dedicated to horror movies, the paranormal and general chat. Post your poetry &stories.Play; games, post quizzes and more here.

Hell Dimension: dark fiction, strange thoughts and unique ramblings fora Dark, Strange, Unique Universe

Hell Net TV: the evil Halloween Horror website featuring the Hellnet hell machine and other devil, monster, alien, dead robot type things. Tv on your computer, tv inside the crypt or tomb. You can watch it all here on the Rik Daren Hellnet TV website. So step inside this Hell house and be prepared to be lost in space for all eternity.

Horror Moon: the place where nightmares begin

John's Twilight Zone: is a very popular page with episode guides for all incarnations of the Twilight Zone, including Night Gallery.

Killroy was here: how the Kilroy Was Here legends started from the most likely to the most whimsical. Sightings of Kilroy Was Here which continue today.

Men In Black
: news & paranoid links

Monsters at Play: a great site about horror movies. Huge DVD, VHS, and movie archives. Beware the Monsters!

Myers Paranormal Society (Parasoc): a paranomal research group based in Gloucestershire, UK

Mystical Blaze: comprehensive site devoted to intelligent examination of all things paranormal Link Site

My Turn to Bitch:

Nessie's Grotto: is a treasure chest of Nessie lore, history, biology, geology, geography, sightings, technology, current research, saints, vikings, Celtic culture, Scottish culture and fun. There's even a crossword puzzle

Oh My Gore!: gore, trash, splatter, horror & fantastic movies. Also news, reviews, interviews, downloads, forum, database, gallery & more

Only The Unusual aiding the eye of the beholder

OrwellToday: this site, created by independent researcher, Jackie Jura, compares the world George Orwell described in "1984" with the world we are living in today

Parallel YOUniversity
: besides putting on Total Clubs and a hundred other things, They also e-publishe the weekly, the controversial, global edutainment update for spiritual evolutionaries

Paranormal Borderline: explore a World Of Its Own

Paranormal Gateway the A to Z of paranormal, supernatural, unusual and weird phenomena

Paranormal Research Team: investigative group researching paranormal activity in the United Kingdom

Patriot Saints: supports local fellowship of charitable-minded patriot saints and groups, defending freedom and virtue against its enemies, foreign and domestic; and helping to implement the kingdom of God through a grass-roots approach

Pennsylvania Researchers Organization: This group started with two individuals combined with the Researchers at the PBS who had a desire to research and investigate the paranormal. As the group grew, so did the topics to investigate: Archaeology and Wildlife. international human rights abuses, especially the UN's sanctions against Iraq, are detailed in the largest John Pilger online archive

PRAVDA.Ru: Russian news and analysis

The Realm of Stephen Mark Rainey: you've stumbled upon the Web's version of Stephen Mark "I am NOT Mort" Rainey. Browse around, check out my books (click on the covers below for detailed information), and drop me an email if you find something to fuss about. For those with masochistic tendencies, I have posted a complete bibliography, which includes all my short fiction. Feel free to play with the buttons.

Rune-Net: promotes the study of Runic heritage. They have a number of texts on-line to make Rune-Net studies accessible to all at a minimal cost

The Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray: an anthropologist and photographer specializing in the study of sacred sites and pilgrimage traditions. The Web site discusses Martin's pilgrimage journeys, features many of his photographs and writings, lists calendar details of upcoming slide shows, and much more

Salazar Magic: New Jersey magician Anthony Salazar combines amazing magic with side-splitting comedy. He will keep you in hysterics as you watch his astounding feats of illusion. From close-up to stage, Anthony's magic will simply "blow you away!"

The Season: to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

The Secret Laboratory: the cavern of the sorcerer, with explainations about the occult, paranormal, tantra, the journey out of the body in a astral body, Christ and re�ncarnation, James Bond and the X-files

Seekers of the Unknown
: educates, entertains, and most importantly assists those who are plagued by the paranormal. They investigate all aspects of the paranormal including ghosts, hauntings, demons, UFOs, aliens, Men in Black. Visitors are not expected to believe in the existence of the paranormal -- but rather to be open to the possibility of its existence

Small Zone: a 'Small Press Comics'. Here's where you can find out about self published comics in the UK and all over the world.

: astrology for the New Age, prophecies of the future and predictions of world events

Strange Encounters Whether you're interest is UFO's, aliens, ghosts, or monsters, Strange Encounters is a growing resource with a refreshing view of the paranormal, featuring interviews and articles on the unexplained

The Supernatural Zone: dedicated to the study of the Supernatural, the Parnormal, UFOS, Aliens, and other strange Unexplained Phenomena

Trails End Paranormal Society of Oregon

True Christianity
: Are you really saved? You may be shocked!* Great solutions unlike seen elsewhere! * Answers on why the existing system fails

Uncensored Entertainment Magazine: one of the top-10 sites of its kind. Published by Don Lemmon since 1999, features exclusive articles and celebrity interviews

Unexplained Encounters: promotes discussions within the paranormal regarding the facinating subjects of strange phenomena and experiences and the like. It is an area of extreme interest to the site's author, as she has had a few strange experiences

The Unexplained World: directory for those interested in the paranormal, ghosts, Wicca, Pagan, magick, the supernatural, and links to more

The Vampire Directory
: a link list and news for Vampyres and goth lovers who love Halloween and all things dark

Vampyre Jeromeio
: the Vampyre Jeromeio's website

Vets For Justice: America's FIRST civil rights association for military, retired military, and veterans

Vancouver Paranorma
: aims to understand life's mysteries while presenting the paranormal as honestly as possible, with respect, and without all the flash Goth and glitter

Weekly Universe
: a quantum report of transdimensional news and analysis

Wheels of Terror: a horror site for disabled horror fans and their friends. Everyone,disabled or not, is welcome

Winter Steel: on the net since October 1, 2001, we try & provide our viewers Topics & Information related to all the different kinds of paranormal/supernatural/Mysterious etc. occurences.

World Paranormal Investigations: was started in July of 2004. WPI is working in 2 separate teams. We have the USA team and then there is the UK team. John and Bea run the USA team and John and Lisa run the UK team.

X Zone Radio Show: a place where fact is fiction and fiction is reality... a place where people Dare to Believe and Dare to be Heard!

Zig's Spiritual Playground: share ideas, stories, theories, philosophy, etc. on paranormal, dreams, ufo's, world order, and all things in between.