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A Ghost & Paranormal 24 Hour Chat Room: the ghosts, hauntings, spirits and the paranormal chat room is one of the largest, most active ghost and paranormal chat room on the internet today

All About Ghosts: one of the largest ghost sites on the Web. Here you'll find paranormal stories, ghost cam listings, a haunted places directory, interviews and much more!

ALONE--Experience The Horror!: In the mood for real horror without animation nonsense? Check out real ghost pictures and experience the horror!

The Amityville Horror
: the hoax of the people screaming hoax

Angels and Ghosts: come experience the story of ghosts & angels. Explore evidence about ghosts & angels. View ghost photos,pictures & web cams and more...

Aware Foundation: Paranormal Research: Connecticut paranormal researchers share their ghost stories and pictures. Tons of paranormal information, horror and paranormal links

Cathe's Ghost Encounters
of the Civil War Kind: original paranormal photography and spirit and ghost encounters associated with the American Civil War

Cosmic Society

Dark New Orleans
: info and stories on the cemeteries, ghosts, murders, hauntings, pictures, history of the Crescent City

Destiny Tours Sydney Australia: weird Sydney ghost and history tours in a haunted Cadillac hearse

The EVP Recordings -Can you really record ghost voices like in the movie White Noise? This is one man's daily journey into the paranormal world of the Electronic Voice Phenomenon to find out.

Fabian Trahan's Ghostcatcher Site
: the largest ghost-cam portal in the world

Ghost Hunters Of Southern Michigan (GHOSM): helps those who are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes or places of business. Website features pictures and EVPs from ghost hunts and home investigations

Ghost Chasers LLC: paranormal investigation team whose members are also mediums and who specialize in removing ghosts from the premises. They also offer spiritual readings
: devoted to the study of ghosts and paranormal phenomena. The idea came from events and photographs taken at a house in Newnan, Georgia

Ghost2Ghost: large, comprehensive resource site and forum for ghost enthusiasts

Ghosthound: a not-for-profit unit located in Knoxville, TN explaining paranormal occurrences since 1998

Ghost In My Suitcase
: your guide to haunted travel in the United States

Ghost Land
: ghostly website with true ghost stories and research on hauntings, ghost photos, and links to other ghost and sites of interest. Also: free screensaver and message boards

Ghostly Happenings And Pics
: real ghost photos, real ghost video. Warning: may cause nightmares!

Ghost Research Society: a clearing house for ghosts reports, hauntings, poltergeist and life after death encounters. The society also analyzes alleged spirit photographs, video and audio tapes submitted from society members, or the general public

Ghosts of the Prairie: explore the history & hauntings of America with Author Troy Taylor & the American Ghost Society. Includes ghostly books, research, articles, features & more

Ghost Stalkers of West Tennessee
: ghost research, evidence, and discussion. Home to the largest supernatural community on the Web, in-depth paranormal resources, and library of personal encounters

Ghost Watch UK Paranormal Investigation and Research: a comprehensive site on all aspects of ghosts, hauntings and ghost hunting

a non-profit paranormal investigative team based in the Oklahoma City area, priding themselves on conducting and fully documenting potential paranormal occurrences, while retaining a skeptical outlook, in order to achieve the most accurate results

Grave Addiction
: a searchable collection of photos taken at many cemeteries, haunted places, abandoned buildings, and historical parks. Updated often

Haunted: The Experience: stories, reviews, video, and photos of haunted locations in Northeast Wisconsin, Michigan, and other areas in The U.S..

Halloween's Unseen: a very hauntingly delightful Web site showcasing all manners of ghostly happenings and paranormal events. Also included are haunting cemetery pictures, haunted houses, a special section for rock star ghostly phenomena, a celebrity morgue, ghost stories, and much more

Haunted House: our goal is to turn into the world's largest Haunt-related internet portal and offer our visitors a positive research, educational and/or shopping experience.

Haunted Nevada
: Janice Oberding's comprehensive Web site dedicated to ghosts and hauntings in Nevada

MidNite Walkers: a team of people out of South Central Missouri and North Central Arkansas whose goals are to gather information on hauntings; and to inform people on haunting -- and to help those that are experiencing a haunting

Miller's Paranormal Research
: searches for the truth; the hows, whats and whys in the paranormal field of investigations

Missouri Ghost Hunters Society: international paranormal investigatiors located in Missouri; with many ghost photos, message board, ghost stories and first hand accounts of investigations

The Moonlit Road: ghost stories and strange folktales of the American South, told by the region's most celebrated storytellers

New England Ghosts
: dedicated to the 33 years of paranormal investigation, photography and writing of author and prize-winning journalist Paul F. Eno

North Coast Ghosthunters
: Paranormal Investigations on Ohio's North Coast

: photographic tours and paranormal finds of ghost towns and other haunts through ghost hunting

OTOS Investigators: some of the best ghost photos and EVPs on the net! Also ghost stories, investigations, trascomunication, haunted history, mysteries of the world and much more

PacificParanormal Research Society: is a well respected ghost hunting team out of the Pacific Northwest! With ground-breaking EVP evidence as well as eerie ghostly photographs, there is plenty to see and experience at our site! Don't check out without taking us in!"

Panhandle Paranormal Investigators: paranormal investigators residing in the Florida Panhandle that document existence of paranormal activity in historic locations, cemeteries, homes, places of business, and other locations known to harbor spirit activit

Paranormal Wind Ghost Hunters Society: a small group of paranormal investigators in southern West Virginia specializing in seeking the truth about the unknown. Website includes paranormal terms, ghost hunting tips, investigations, photos, and other paranormal information

Phil's Ghost Site: Melissa's compilation of scary accounts, ghost stories and more

Renee's Ghosts: Check out her galleries of ghostly voices, video, sightings and photos

Show Me Spirits
: a small ghost hunting group located in the Missouri Ozarks. In these pages you will find many paranormal photos, links, ghost cams, EVPs, ghost stories and more . . .

South Eastern Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations
: experienced and professional team of paranormal investigators that will investigate possible hauntings, cleansings, no charge. Performed in a scientific AND non-scientific manner. Get a Peace of Mind, Get Answers. Get it to Stop.

South Texas Paranormal Society
: dedicated to the research, investigation and documention of paranormal phenomenon

Spirit Seekers of West Georgia

Strange Happenings
Ghost And Hauntings Research Society: ghost hunters and paranormal investigators in Erie, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Maryland. Buy ghost books, ghost videos, ghost hunting tools and much more. Ghost forums and ghost chat!

True Ghost Stories: the title says it all! Read the stories of various people's encounters with ghosts

True Ghost Stories - real life ghost stories and hauntings from the UK and around the world 

Unofficial Most Haunted Community: forum site for fans of the UK Living TV series show "Most Haunted"

We Have Ghosts: do you believe in ghosts? Check out their experiences, view photographs, and come to your own conclusions