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Absynthe Studios: the artwork of Amaryllis Absynthe

Aedryan Methyus: find, book and hire local professional corporate magicians, illusionists, corporate entertainers and entertainment for hire in any state. Book corporate magic shows and illusion shows worldwide or hire a local magician, illusionist or entertainer!

Alluring Charms: the most exciting fashion accessory has finally arrived! You can cancel your trip to Italy because these fantastic personalised jewellery items are now available right here at Alluring Charms.

Amusement Films: the story of two all girl rock bands spend the night in a haunted house! Can the make it through the night without driving each other crazy??

Angel Paintings by internationally recognized intuitive angel artist, Sharae Taylor: an artist on a Spiritual Journery. God works through her beautiful, ethereal art astonishing most who come into contact with these Angel paintings

Anton Edwards: breaking the barriers between illusion and reality

where the dead love to shop: catering to your dark side with embalming and autopsy videos, post mortem collectibles, grim reading, odd gifts, fun Halloween goodies and more

Arrow in the Head: insightful reviews to stinging commentary, no other movie source on the web delivers more to make you feel all warm and gooey inside

Becky's Wildlife & Fantasy Art: photo realistic paintings and illustrations. Originals and limited edition prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs and much more! FREE newsletter, banner exchange and affiliate program embalming videos, autopsy videos, shockumentaries, post mortem collectibles, anatomical chocolate, mortuary novelty items, T Shirts and more

Crop Circles- Tours And Research: using scientific protocol, appropriate field methodologies and intuitive skills, they apply "New Scientific" principles in observing, collecting information and interpreting the mysteries confronting our world

Dandelion Books
: Truth in the Raw...Uncensored Out-Of-The-Box Books. Are you ready to pull off the duct tape?

Dr. James C. Wardlaw: is a horror writer and recently published Dracul: The Vampire Returns.

Evil Cheerleader Productions
dedicated to the creation of many different horror related projects, including movies and a horror museum

Goths on Toast
: dedicated to finding the most beneficial healing music and products for less. Browse through accelerated learning products, healing music, tools for meditation and self-help tools for your mind, body & soul

Horror Express: a Magazine of Horror and Dark Fiction Released bi-annually (Winter and Summer)

Horror Sound: brought to you by Bob Harper Productions who has been writing, producing and/or performing retail and corporate radio and television ads, multimedia projects, films and more for over 25 years nationwide.

Kingmaker: hall of the cosmic Elf

Kirk McGuire Sculptures: will custom design a piece to enhance your decorating needs. Must see his amazing bronze giant squid, and octopus sculptures a collaborative of film, video and graphic artists creating altered national television advertisements that comment upon the American condition rare and out of print books on the paranormal, occult, UFOs, and other metaphysical studies

Prisoners of the Night
: an adult anthology of seduction, mystery, erotica and VAMPIRISM

Rabthekelt's Gallery of original Celtic/Pictish Artwork
: a gallery of original hand-drawn esoteric Celtic designs from Rabthekelt of Scotland

Random Acts: interactive musical murder mystery & cabaret at Spaghetti Warehouses in Akron, Columbus and Toledo, Ohio

Satanic Bibles
leather-bound Satanic bibles and Satanic rituals

Tim Eric: escape artist. For 40 years, he's been letting strangers do exactly that on a nightly basis. He's been compared to Houdini, but even Houdini used tricks.

Twisted Tots: custom resurrected horror baby dolls from the twisted minds of JC & SR Griffith. Rotten to the core!

Twilight Predators: As the sun sets and the darkness begins to settle in, they come out of the shadows to terrorize family and friends,to steal their loved ones from their very homes, and to shed the blood of the innocent victims to satisfy their hunger. No we're not talking about a band of wild animals, in fact, they aren't even real. Or are they?

Vampire's Crypt: is starting up an independent publishing company for dark souls with creative works in the vein of the vampire.

Vampyr Snyper
: the story of Catrina Malinka, a young but highly-skilled contract killer, who is a product of the cruel world she was brought up in, well-accustomed to its harsh nature and constantly thirsting for more

Zodiac Art: beautiful astrology charts. astrological, baby birth announcements and New Age gifts